A joint effort of GCERT & NJCT – GCERT DIGITAL DESK available on njtrust.org. Here are some information about Use of Digital Desk, How to Register, How to Login, What kind of material is provided and much more.


Use of GCERT Digital Desk

A complete understanding of how to use Digital Desk.

  • Click on the Study panel in the homepage
  • Then select the medium (Gujarati or English)
  • Select a standard from a list of given standards
  • Click on a subject of the standard you selected

This way you can get videos, practice books, tests, question papers, notes and mock test reports related to any subject.

Advantages of Open Learning Resource Platform

  • STUDY MATERIAL : Back up your learning through the study materials
  • VIDEO : Quality Learning and reinventing education through videos
  • ANALYSIS REPORT : Self Analysis is the key to grill your performance right.
  • MOCK TEST : Practice makes you perfect, a surefire way to crack your way through exams.

GCERT Digital Desk full details

GCERT DIGITAL DESK is a joint effort of GCERT & NJCT. STD 3th to 12th Video, Assignment, Mock Test and much more available in GCERT DIGITAL DESK. Study Material also available for Gujarati Medium / English Medium of Std. 1 to 12 (Arts, Commerce and Science)

How to Register in GCERT Digital Desk?

Teacher, student or guardian any can register at Digital Desk.

  • Search GCERT DIGITAL DESK in your browser first.
  • Go to njtrust.org from search result.
  • A login box will appear on the homepage of this website. Click on the sign up option below in this login box.
  • Clicking on sign up will bring up the following window. Enter your information in it.

Register in GCERT Digital Desk

  • Create and enter your new username and password.
  • Now click on the Register button.
  • Enter in the OTP in register box sent to your mobile number.
  • Finally click on the Conform button.
  • The registration process will be completed with the message “Registration has been successfully”.

To Register in GCERT Digital Desk Click Here

How to Login at GCERT Digital Desk?

To login at GCERT Digital Desk follow these steps.

  • Search GCERT DIGITAL DESK in your browser first.
  • Go to njtrust.org from search result.
  • A login box will appear on the homepage of this website. Enter the username and password in it.

Login at GCERT Digital Desk

  • Then click on the Login button

Note: It is mandatory to register before logging in.

To Login at GCERT Digital Desk Click Here

What kind of material is provided?

STD 3th to 12th Video, Assignment, Mock Test and other materials provided on this DIGITAL DESK. Study Material also available for Std. 3 to 12 (Gujarati Medium / English Medium). STD 1 to 8 Poems in mp3 formet also can be helpful for students. Poetry singing is essential for students to be able to pronounce and understand poetry.


Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a pivotal institution at the state level for the enhancement of qualitative education at primary and secondary schools.

It was “State Institute of Education” before 1988. It was later upgraded as a SCERT in 1988, under the resolution of State Education Department. The Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a fully structured State level academic institution and is controlled and guided by a Governing body as well as an Executive Committee.

Under the umbrella of GCERT, there are now 27 DIETs (District Institute of Education and Training) functional in 33 Districts. These DIETs impart pre-service and in-service training to the primary teachers of the State. There are seven branches namely Pre-service Teacher Education (PSTE), Work Experience (WE), District Resource Unit (DRU), Curriculum Material Development & Evaluation (CMDE), Educational Technology (ET), In-service Field interaction Innovation & Co-ordination (IFIC) and Planning & Management PM functioning in these DIETs.

The GCERT works as a prominent institution for implementing the policies, programmes and researches in the State. It provides resource support and guidance to all the teacher education institutions and works in collaboration with the NGOs, Subject experts, Educationalists and pioneers in bringing about reforms in the remote and underserved areas of the State.


NJCT, sponsored by NJ India Invest Pvt. Ltd. is a trust registered in Surat that works in the field of education. NJCT is committed to the welfare of people from the underprivileged strata of society without any discrimination. Driven by passion and inspired by many personalities and situations, we are involved in assisting the children who are citizens of tomorrow to help them take a smooth journey throughout their education life.

Vision & Mission of njtrust.org

  • Enhance quality of education in all possible manner and to hand hold students from underprivileged strata till they become self-sufficient.
  • Contribute in building the nation by developing students as future citizens and to fulfill one of the educational objective of ‘man-making’.
  • Provide technology friendly environment for development of good study habits.
  • Ameliorate educational methodology/techniques and to support those who are already involved in doing the same.

The materials provided in the GCERT Digital Desk seems to be very useful to the students.  Students can use it themselves for study. The understanding of the subject is very well given. Children can also study at home.